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What is the company called?

Our business was founded in 1990 as a supplier of railings and stairs. We have now developed into the Spain's leading supplier.

We are committed to being the best provider in our markets through continual improvement in the quality, profitability and value created by our business. We recognise that people are the most important assets in our organisation and we continually strive to develop all of our people to be capable of delivering outstanding service to our customers and staff.

In our manufacturing, the application of particular client design leads us to the execution of an innovative product, even the quality and the finish, they incorporate moreover an excellent aesthetic contribution to any building.

The variety of stairs and railings from PIRBA, can be made up of many products but primarily in wood, glass and Inox steel.

Customer support following the purchase of our products or service is as important to our company as the initial purchase. PIRBA with the client determines what is included in any guarantee package at the quotation of all works. This will include the duration of the warranty traditionally one year from the date of purchase.